Why you should invest in custom shade sails

Why you should buy shade sails


Say goodbye to outdated umbrellas and ugly awnings! Our sleek, modern, and high quality shade sails are much more than just a good buy. Shade sails are becoming the increasingly popular solution for residential and commercial properties worldwide, and our shade sails have many benefits besides providing a cool hangout space. Here are the top reasons why you should buy shade sails:


  1. UV protection from the sun


The first and most important reason to buy shade sails is to protect you, your family, and your friends from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Our sails are made from the highest quality fabrics that block 90-95% of the sun’s beams while keeping your outdoor space cool and your family well protected. Whether you’re looking for shade sails for your patio, a large shade canopy for a playground, or a commercial-sized shade sail for your business, Shade Sails Online has you covered. Quite literally.


  1. Lower your heating bill and cooling costs


No surprise here—shade sails keep the sun off your windows and subsequently out of your home during the summer months, which is crucial for minimizing your energy bill. Why not just install window blinds or curtains instead? You may think this is a simple solution, but external shade is far more effective than window treatments because our sails prevent heat from reaching the glass in the first place, keeping your home cool and your energy bill low. During the colder months, you can remove our shade sails, allowing the sun to naturally warm your house.


  1. Repurpose and reimagine outdoor living


When the weather is nice, we love spending time outside just as much as you do. An outdoor living area can excite guests and entice customers alike, no matter if you’re looking to entertain friends and family at home or are trying to buff your business allure. Our stylish shades will instantly transform your outdoor area into an entertainer’s paradise by deflecting sun rays while also creating a vibrant environment with visually appealing sails of varying shapes, sizes, and colors.


  1. More cost effective + providing more value


There are many ways to shade your property: build a wooden roof extension, construct a steel structure in your back yard, set up an obscenely large umbrella, or adorn your windows with awnings complete with valances straight from the 1960s… but none of these solutions are as versatile nor as valuable as our shades. Not only are shade sails more cost effective than a permanent, bulky, and oftentimes ugly solution, they are more pleasing to the eye by adding a valuable pop of color to both residential and commercial properties. Shade sails are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can choose the style that perfectly matches your property’s design.



Ready to set sail? Take a look at our Standard Shade Sails, or create your own Custom Sail with a free, instant quote!