Installing your shade sail

Installing a Shade Sail

The general principle for installing sails is to connect the highest corner(s)  first followed by the remaining points.

Do not fully tighten each corner until all are attached to their relevant fixing points.

Once all points are loosely connected slowly work your way around the sail (starting at highest points first) tensioning each fixing point little by little until loads are distributed evenly at each corner.

Allow 2 people approx 7-10 mins to erect the sail. (one person approx 15)


shade sail installation step 1

Place rope through eyebolt




installing a shadesail step 2

Then go back through ring on shade sail as shown  i.e.: come up through bottom of the ring




shade sail installation step 3

Then back through the eyebolt




shade sail installation step 4

At this stage tie the fixing point off loosely and move on to the next corner.




shade sail installation step 5

Once all corners are attached loosely then start to work around the sail tensioning each point as tight as you can by hand.

Note that load is always placed on the fixing point and not the sail when tensioning.

Tie each corner off as you go around




shade sail installation step 6

Once all points are reasonably tight using a steel bar or similar (bare hands are OK if they are tough enough to handle rope burn) tighten the sails fully.

Use a “commonsense” approach to determine when the sail is tight enough. The sail should have no sag in it and the webbing edges should be “drum” tight.




shade sail installation step 7

Then wrap the excess rope as shown around the sail a minimum of 3 rotations, preferably more.




shade sail installation step 8

Tie sail off using a minimum of 2 ½ hitches (granny Knots)




shade sail installation step 9

Tuck excess rope away and finished tie off should look similar to this.