3.8m x 4m x 4.2m x 3.8m - Sandstone

US $346.00


Approx 3.8m x 4m x 4.2m x 3.8m – Sandstone

Shadesail Colour – Sandstone
Webbing Colour – White

We are offering fabricated shade sails in a limited number of sizes and colours. These sails typically cost less because they either made from off-cuts of larger sails (same high quality materials and workmanship) or have been fabricated the wrong size or colour.

These sails are new however they may have some small marks on them from storage. These should wash away when the sail is first exposed to rain.

The shade sail is offered as cut/finished size, therefore your fixing point dimensions will need to be approximately 8-10% LARGER than the size of the Shade Sail that you order so as the shade sail can be tensioned correctly.

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